Lay Leaders

Countryside’s Lay Leadership

Countryside is blessed with a congregation filled with talent and business experience. Our officers and board members are nominated and elected by our members and represent the church body in the various aspects of managing church finances and affairs. The following is a listing of our current lay leadership.

Church Officers
Moderator Jennifer Hamann E-mail Moderators
Vice Moderator Bruce Blanchard E-mail Moderators
Vice Moderator Elect Kris Hess E-mail Moderators
Clerk Jerry Gray
Treasurer Phil Johnson
Historian Gloria Ried
Church Council 2016
Jennifer Hamann Moderator
Bruce Blanchard Vice Moderator
Kris Hess Vice Moderator Elect
Jerry Gray Clerk
Phil Johnson Treasurer
Bill Sellgren Board of Christian Education
Sarah Miller Board of Christian Outreach
Bonnie Buckland Board of Deacons
Mary Johnston Board of Life Ministries
Tom Scates Board of Pastoral Care
Brenda Stursma Board of Art & Music
Mike Murphy Board of Youth
Tim Kerrigan Board of Trustees
Tom Eilers At-large Member
Kristina Murphree At-large Member
Dan Loven Administration
Rev. Eric Elnes Administration
Rev. Chris Alexander Administration
Church Board Members
2017 2018
Board of Trustees

Matt Atchison Bob Beecham Joyce Dixon
Brian Gabrial Chris Gilmore Brady Fehr – Youth
Mary Fraser Meints Tim Kerrigan (Chair) Tracey Halvorson
John Windle Tom Korth Mike Hornacek
Patrick Rainbolt John McCollister
Dan Wengert Betsy Triebwasser
Board of Deacons
Bonnie/Bob Buckland (Chair) Joan Allen Amy Blanchard
Mary Dostal Mike Bonner/Heidi Neumann Shelley Boyd (1 yr)
Aubrey Fitzke Al Cardona Madeline Churchich
Connie Fitzke Jim Hanson Nancy Davis
Dick Galusha Kathleen Samland Sean Geer
Pat Galusha Ann Naylor Jodie Nichols
Cary/Luther McCoy Megan Seymour Vacha Kaylee Parmentier – Youth
R. Michael Owens Bob Vacha Donna Rhodes
Dana Parmentier Marvin Rhodes
David Ried
Judi Ried
Board of Christian Education (BOCE)
Nancy Besack Emiko Gerdes Sally Bernhardt
Melissa Foster Sheila Hargreaves Isaac Bonner – Youth
Bill Sellgren (Chair) David Holtzclaw Barb Fitzmorris
Anji Stanek Jenna Gabrial-Gallagher
Jeremy Wadhams Ingrid Howell – Youth
Jodie Klein
Amanda Underwood
Board of Christian Outreach (BOCO)
Deb Anderson Clay Baker Robyn Hubbard
Ed Huddell Mark Draper Becky Knightly
Don Otis Sarah Miller (Chair) Taylor Prinz – Youth
Karen Staskiewicz Ryan Palmer Beth/Dan Sparks
Carla Patton (Ochsner) Mary Jo Weiss
Diane Poots
Stacy Wilson
Board of Art & Music (BAM)
Marguerite Bennet Tyler Gruttemeyer Trisha Hoffman Ahern
Cindy Duggin Marian Kaiser Dan Hamann
Diane Hill Pam Kregg Bill/Barbara O’Dell
Cary Sharkey Amy Lempke Ashley Tyler – Youth
Brenda Stursma (Chair) Emily Wadhams
David Worth
Board of Youth
Barb Farho Bob Newell Sarah Beutler
Shari Fischer Yim Graner Emma Creamer – Youth
Mike Murphy (Chair) Jennifer Magilton David Day
Todd Samland Mathew Farho – Youth
Danny Gass
Jen Jalbert King
Board of Pastoral Care
Marie Otis Jeri Cook Ginger Petersen Britt
Anne Roberts Mitzi Cardona
Dee Schlautman Dan Hackett
Tom Scates (Chair)
Amy Worth
Nominating Committee
Rodge Bickerstaff Pam Kregg (Co-Chair) Bill Bolte
France Blanchard (Co-Chair) Greg Kucinsky Dave Lundblad
Kristina Murphree Jeff Zaleski Ann Naylor (1 yr)
Diane Scott
Patti Tu
Board of Life Ministry
Teresa Bunjer Heather Davis Shannon Avard
Cindy Cronn Jane Frey Emma Boyd – Youth
Peggy Dunn (Co-Chair) Dinah Gomez Veronica Cole
Drew King Tina Kucera Cindy Eempson
Mary Johnston (Co-Chair) Mary Watke
Diane Scott
Conference Delegates
Bruce and France Blanchard
John and Deb McCollister
Mike Jones Geoff Kregg Julia Hernadez
Barry Larson Paul Nelson Mike Murphy
Joe Sacco